The inspiration behind the Queen Helene name…
During the late 1920s, Richard Estrin, former President and Founder of Queen Helene – Para Laboratories, Inc. was working for a private label manufacturer.

He traveled the country with two other sales representatives, Eddie and Sam.

While on one of their trips to Oklahoma, Eddie’s wife was back in New York giving birth to a baby girl they named Helene. Mr. Estrin was extremely happy for Eddie and congratulated him by saying, "You now have a Queen Helene."

Richard Estrin liked the name Queen Helene and when he formed his own company, he decided the brand name should be Queen Helene, in honor of Eddie's daughter.
So how did we become a trusted brand for over 75 years? Founder Richard Estrin moved to New York, where he began as a beauty supply house salesman. Wanting to expand his knowledge of the ingredients used in the professional beauty industry, Mr. Estrin obtained a degree in Chemistry. He used his new degree to become a partner in Para Laboratories, a small New York City cosmetics laboratory.

At Para Laboratories, Mr. Estrin was inspired to create a line of hair and skin care products using the best ingredients, and the Queen Helene® brand was born. After successfully launching in beauty salons, Mr. Estrin brought the Queen Helene® brand to beauty supply stores. To prepare for the retail market launch, Richard Estrin and his son Alan Estrin moved the entire operations to Hempstead, New York. With modern equipment and a larger facility, the Estrins were able to meet the growing demand for Queen Helene® products, as the brand became a well-known name in drug stores and supermarkets.

Queen Helene® now produces over 100 different products for the face, body, feet, hair and scalp. Some of these products have been consistently used since the early 1930s. We are committed to producing only the finest products available that can be used with confidence by your
entire family.
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